You ready for it?


You ready for it?

KNH Powerhouse – HIIT


3 rounds:

50 Single Unders

50′ Banded Lateral Side Step (R/L)

50′ Banded Monster Walk (Forward/Backward)

10 Banded Air Squats


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Sets

AMRAP 1:30

10 Thruster 75/55

Max Reps Double Under (or singles)

-Rest 0:30 b/t sets-

Cash Out

Cuff and Pivot

seated Resistance Band Biceps Curl

Resistance Band Pull-Apart

Staggered Stance Resistance Band Row

Resistance Band Triceps Kickback

Single-Arm Lateral Raise With Static Hold

bow and arrow

cuff pivot

3min plank