What We Offer

HIIT (Functional Fitness)

KNH offers functional fitness classes in the form of high intensity interval training. These classes are performed in a group setting to create a non intimidating atmosphere. This a strength and conditioning program consisting of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.
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KNH Kids

You’ll find a community of fitness at KNH Kids that instills the value of a physically active life. Our HIIT programs develop strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance. We help guide them all to greater levels of health and make sure everybody has lots of fun doing it.
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KNH Nutrition

Want to improve your health, wellness and fitness? Want to look, feel and perform your best? Want to live longer and improve your quality of life? Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do at KNH Powerhouse.
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Everything that is not training is recovery and KNH offers 2 recovery programs that can have a major impact on your training.
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Open Gym

Open Gym is a dedicated time that is carved out of the busy schedule so you can focus on specific lifts. This time is for those who want to add accessory work to their training.
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Crazy Coyote Axe Throwing

Crazy Coyote Axe Throwing is the first and only northern New Brunswick’s Axe Throwing club. Not only is it a great night out with friends, family, team building, and bachelor / bachelorette parties it is the best way to get ride of stress. It does not take long before your first bullseye and at that moment your inner lumberjack/Jill will be released.
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Powerlifting and Strongman

KNH PowerHouse now offers specific training for those who want to push, pull and lift the heaviest they ever have in there life. We use science not bro science to get the best results. We have several male and female competitors that have gained more than double there one rep Max’s for deadlift and back squats just to name a few.
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