HIIT (Functional Fitness)

KNH offers functional fitness classes in the form of high intensity interval training. These classes are performed in a group setting to create a non intimidating atmosphere. This a strength and conditioning program consisting of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.

Have you been repeating the same routine every time you go to the gym? Chances are your body is as bored as you are. It knows your old routine by heart therefore making your efforts far less effective. Our functional fit classes keep your body guessing by introducing different movements each class. Every workout of the day (WOD) will be completely unique to the one before it. It’s very hard to “plateau” when your body has no idea what’s next.

When we say functional movements, we mean movements you perform almost every day. Our goal at KNH Powerhouse is to help you perform them safely, quickly, and efficiently. By performing these movements at a high intensity (relative to the individual), you are not only increasing your strength and stamina, buy you’re also reaping the benefits of an intense cardio workout. You will achieve more in 5 minutes than you would spending 60 minutes on a treadmill!

Class Format:

In our one hour group HIIT classes, participants will be led by our expert coaches through multiple phases of fitness and recovery.

  • Dynamic warm up to prepare the body for the workout
  • Mobility drills to improve and restore joint mobility and function
  • Skill drills and explanation of strength and conditioning workouts of the day
  • Strength – olympic or power weightlifting increase strength of the individual (not size!)
  • Workout of the day (WOD) – The conditioning aspect of the class that combines gymnastics, running, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, Olympic lifting etc. for an allotted period of time or number of rounds
  • Post workout recovery techniques to prepare you for the rest of your day and for your next workout.

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